Noticed: The Bare-Nails Look


Oh, the joy of slipping into sandals. Summer’s favorite shoe is imbued with ease, as if to say, “The weather is beautiful, wish you were here. I’m busy—busy enjoying life.” And with such a laissez-faire attitude, a nude nail seems to make complete sense. There’s something just so relaxed about it. It’s elegant, uncomplicated and carries none of those nail polish annoyances, i.e., chipping and the always-longer-than-expected drying time.

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Noticed: Bandanas as Necklaces


Bandanas, with their hypnotically swirling paisley prints, have experienced many revivals and have been embraced everywhere from the Wild West to modern-day Brooklyn. More musicians, artists and outlaws than we can count credit them as an accessory of choice. And recently, we’ve been spotting them around the office twisted into an unlikely shape: a necklace.

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