Listen Up: Caroline Ventura’s Holiday Prep Playlist


When we spent the afternoon visiting with BRVTVS jewelry designer Caroline Ventura at her studio and apartment in New York’s West Village, we couldn’t help but notice her enviably eclectic record collection—“A lot of the music I listen to isn’t current, so playing it on vinyl feels like I’m doing it justice”—so we asked her to put together a playlist to relieve us from the endless loop of holiday tunes. Here, her favorite upbeat punk and rock classics (there’s not a single jingle bell to be heard).

Caroline’s Mix

1. “Acadian Driftwood,” The Band

2. “Sweet Jane,” Lou Reed

3. “Rudie Can’t Fail,” The Clash

4. “You Wreck Me,” Tom Petty

5. “Day by Day,” E.T. Mensah

6. “The Crooked Beat,” The Clash

7. “Same Old Thing,” The Black Keys

8. “The Shape I’m In,” The Band

9. “Pressure Drop,” The Clash

10. “205,” E.T. Mensah

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Show + Tell: BRVTVS Jewelry Designer Caroline Ventura


We’ve long admired the jewelry line BRVTVS and Caroline Ventura, the woman behind it, whose style is our favorite blend of California chill and New York cool. We spent an afternoon catching up in her rustic, light-filled studio and apartment in New York’s West Village (fun fact: it’s a former sail maker’s factory) and shared a stroll around the block, where her number-one accessory—Darryl, her wirehaired pointing griffon—stole the show.


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