#Totewell: Our Transport Tote, By The Numbers


We love a good backstory, especially when it sheds light on an old friend. In this case, our “friend” happens to be our iconic Transport Tote (the bag we so fondly refer to as our “constant companion”). We went to our design team to find out how it all began, from landing on the perfect strap length to the months—yes, months—spent perfecting the shape.

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Our Spring Shoot in Buenos Aires, by the numbers


One Neil Young record, three boxes of dulce de leche cookies, 20 pairs of jeans…
A look at the numbers that went into our three-day shoot in Buenos Aires.

Like any glamorous metropolis worth its passport stamp, Buenos Aires has a little bit of everything. From traditional tango street performances to modern art galleries (and  80-degrees-in-November weather), there are many reasons why we loved shooting our spring catalog there. We broke down our trip quantitatively to reveal a bit of what went on behind the scenes.

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