Caroline de Maigret’s Bon Mots

A little repartee with Caroline de Maigret about a few of her favorite things.


Style motto: Always dress to meet the love of your life.

Guilty pleasure: Tex Mex. I love chili con carne.

Treasured possession: Records, for sure

Favorite musician: Elvis

Favorite music venue: Le Bataclan in Paris. It’s the perfect size—big enough to have great bands but small enough to still keep things intimate. It’s also in the center of Paris, which I love.

Gadget of choice: Jambox by Jawbone. Great sound, with a wireless connection to my iPhone. Perfect for all the time I spend in hotel rooms.

Favorite book: The Idiot, by Dostoyevsky

Flower of choice: peonies

Best city: Paris

Favorite film: Le Mépris, by Jean-Luc Godard

Best place to grab a meal: La Coupole, Paris, for its history and big seafood platters

Best facial: Caudalie [near Bordeaux, France]

Best massage: Hotel Bristol, Paris

Favorite travel destination: the Cyclades islands, Greece

Favorite person to follow on Instagram: Michel Gaubert, @michelgaubert. He’s a really fun and witty DJ.

Catch Caroline test-driving a few of our favorite fall pieces here.

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Tuning In: Caroline de Maigret’s Ultimate Playlist

It’s pretty obvious Caroline de Maigret has great style instincts—see our fall catalog shot in her hometown, Paris, for further proof. But the model also happens to have killer taste when it comes to music; she created Bonus Track Records with her partner, Yarol Poupaud, in 2006. So obviously we had to raid her playlist for her favorite tracks of all time. Here, she shares her cleverly curated picks. (For an idea of how eclectic they are, one is from 1930.)


1. “On the Beach,” Neil Young

2. “There Is an End,” The Greenhornes (feat. Holly Golightly)

3. “Suspicious Minds,” Elvis Presley

4. “Mama Said Knock You Out,” LL Cool J

5. “Working Class Hero,” John Lennon

6. “John the Relevator,” Blind Willie Johnson

7. “I Wanna Be Your Dog,” The Stooges

8. “Givin the Dog a Bone,” AC/DC

9. “Time of the Season,” The Zombies

10. “Voodoo Love,” Black Minou

11. “The Humpty Dance,” Digital Underground

12. “Nutbush City Limits,” Ike and Tina Turner

13. “Love That Burns,” Fleetwood Mac

14. “Sur la Planche,” La Femme

15. “F–k It, You Win,” Hanni El Khatib

Listen and stream them all with our Rdio playlist.

10 Questions for Caroline de Maigret

We’ve been longtime coveters of Caroline de Maigret’s romantic tomboy style (not to mention her addictive Instagram feed). So we were thrilled when we had the chance to hang out with the Parisian while shooting in her apartment in the 9th arrondissement for our fall catalog. Here, the music producer, mom, model and muse to many chats with us about her love of “real-deal” jeans, her fondness for men’s tees and why she has a serious thing for Keith Richards (and really, who doesn’t?).


What’s your approach to style?

It’s almost unconscious. A lot of it comes from what my mother taught me: to seek out a nice cut and a quality fabric. It’s in our roots not to show off or be too ostentatious, but rather to understand the classic beauty in the understated.

Other than your mom, who has influenced your style the most?

My boyfriend taught me to have fun with clothes and to look in the mirror and find that little twist, that one signature or special item. I don’t follow trends but my style evolves with fashion in the sense that I incorporate new pieces into my wardrobe every season—a mix of closet staples with a few of those statement pieces to give it that unique twist.

You wear a lot of hats. How do you transition from a day spent in the studio to heading out at night?

In France, we dress the same almost 24 hours a day. What you wear during the day can always take you out at night, because it’s already cool enough…I only wear things that can carry me from day to night.

What’s been your biggest splurge?

My little black jacket by Chanel. The cut is so perfect and the quality is so incredible. With just this one special piece your whole outfit becomes chic. I only ever really wear it with jeans and a T-shirt, so it’s perfect for my fashion laziness [laughs]…I expect clothes to have this power.

Any cheapies you love?  

All of my menswear T-shirts, which are mostly secondhand and cost anywhere from $1 to $5. When I’m in the U.S., I love to buy packs of ’em and then cut the collars in order to make them looser. Also, men’s socks!

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Sneak peek: Caroline de Maigret shows off our fall collection

Listen, we’ll admit it: We’ve got a thing for the endlessly stylish and refreshingly low-key Caroline de Maigret. To call it a girl crush wouldn’t be quite right as that schoolgirl term doesn’t capture the respect we have for this very clever, confident and refreshingly straightforward woman. (Not familiar with this Parisian model, music producer, mom and muse to many? Take a gander at her Instagram. After five seconds—or five photos, whichever comes first—we think you’ll be a fan too.)


That’s why we’re happy to share that Caroline takes center stage in our fall style guide, which debuts in just a few short weeks (September 10th to be exact! To make sure you get yours, sign up and we’ll send you one, stat!). And be sure to swing back here too—we’ll be sharing a few playlists and style tips from Caroline that you’re probably going to want to steal. (Spoiler alert: She’s got a complexion-saving trick involving a candle that you’ll want to use on your next Friday night out.)

French Lessons: Five style secrets from a chic Parisian

Who better to embody spring’s undone-chic mood than an infinitely stylish Parisian? Record label owner Caroline de Maigret shows us how it’s done—and all under the capable lens of The Selby.

1. Mix in a slouchy, boyish piece: Two-Tone Silk Pants

2. Stand for neutrals: Colorband Skirt

3. Vintage-inspired accessories speak volumes: The Barnwood Boot

4. Add a dose of color: Soft Silk Boyshirt

5. You can’t go wrong with stripes: Studio Sweaterdress