Show + Tell: Michelle Teague, Owner of JM Drygoods


For years, we’ve considered Austin boutique JM Drygoods and its stylish owner-curator Michelle Teague our under-the-radar source for embroidered tops, handwoven accessories and traditional housewares that unfailingly solicit a “where’d you get that?”. (Our designer Joyce claims it’s a must-visit for anyone passing through the area.) Michelle stocks her shop with finds sourced from her travels—if you catch her in the store, you can learn about a piece’s entire history. But if you can’t make it down to Austin? Well, that’s where we come in. We did a little sourcing of our own, and we’re bringing a few of our favorite JM Drygoods pieces to you. Here, Michelle explains how she turned her love for travel into opening a miniature-Mexico-under-one-roof boutique—Texas incense, vintage jackets and crowded market stalls included.

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