Behind the Scenes on our Denim Forever Tour: Chatting with Indie Band Freedom Fry


Coming to you (almost) live from somewhere between Seattle and Boulder, it’s Freedom Fry (!). The indie-pop band is traveling across the country with the Denim Forever Tour, a denim-recycling, live music, IRL-hang bonanza. We got to spend a little time chatting backstage with Marie and Bruce, singers and guitarists both, about bonding over karaoke songs, their signature outfits and their first musical memories. We suggest setting the scene by playing this blissed-out version of their newest single “Shaky Ground.” Ready? Let’s chat.

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The Madewell Denim Drive

You know those jeans at the bottom of your drawer that you haven’t worn in years (and truthfully have no intention of wearing again)? We want ’em.

We’ve teamed up with the International Child Art Foundation to create the Madewell Denim Drive, where we’ll take your jeans and put them to creative use. Kids of all ages will be able to use these materials for their many art projects—and in return, you’ll get 20% off your first Madewell jean purchase of the New Year. (Finally, a true win-win.)