Denim Plus…with Amanda Chantal Bacon of Moon Juice


We always ask our friends, “What do you pair with your denim?” For the Los Angeles–based founder of Moon Juice, Amanda Chantal Bacon, it’s white jeans with anything and everything. Which is funny, because her job involves whipping up juices and treats of all colors, which quite literally gets her hands dirty. We spent an afternoon at her Venice Beach location to see how white jeans actually help her get in the right frame of mind for a day in the kitchen. The history of that equation, as told by Amanda…

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#everydaymadewell: Restaurant Owner Sabrina de Sousa


The restaurant business, to state the obvious, is nonstop. So for Sabrina, co-owner of Dimes (the cool-kid, clean-eating café in Manhattan’s Lower East Side), it’s the quiet moments—and the ease of a great jean and a tomboy button-down—that get her through it. We wanted a glimpse into those rare moments outside the restaurant, so we paid her a visit on a Tuesday before she headed over to work. Sabrina’s everyday, in her own words, right over here…

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