Madewell + goop = The Jumpsuit You’ll Be Living In


Denim Every Day. Three little words, one very big idea. Every morning for the past 23 days, we’ve unveiled one totally new, unexpected denim exclusive online. There’ve been denim sneakers you can only find here and an overalls-scented candle, and we (finally!) launched maternity jeans. And we saved one of the best for last: a laid-back jumpsuit created with our style-minded friends at goop. They’re as obsessed with the small stuff as we are (like choosing the perfect lightweight fabric and adding an easy drawstring waist). We also share a love for less-is-more simplicity, hence the easygoing shape and understated hardware. So how did two denim-loving groups merge their shared styles? We’ll let goop’s Fashion Director Laurie Trott—who, we might add, has 20+ years of fashion-world cred—explain.

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Four Denim Monogramming Tips from Team Madewell


A zillion years ago, monograms were used to mark territory, stamp property and for artists to leave their marks. Now, the tradition’s softened and personalization is a way to make something you purchase even more yours. Which is exactly why we started monogramming our denim earlier this year. (Who doesn’t want “hola” on a chambray shirt?) But with 18 colors to choose from, it can be hard to pick. Here, we gathered four solid tips from our design team—people who definitely would know. FYI. (Wink.)

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Oh, Baby: Our Maternity Jeans Are (Finally) Here, Plus Three Rules for Dressing When Pregnant


It may have taken us a little more than nine months, but they’re finally here: It’s a jean! Yep, we just launched four maternity styles. As for the timing, it just felt right—it’s our month of Denim Every Day, when we reveal one new, unexpected way to do denim every single morning. So what’s the Madewell way to get dressed for two? We asked our expert stylists, and mamas themselves, for a few handy rules. Pardon the pun, but here’s what you can expect…

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How to Write a “Recipe” for The Color Blue (and The Benefits of Painting in Jeans), According to Artist Heather Day


Denim Every Day—our quest to reimagine denim in every which way—continues. As part of that, we asked our friend and artist Heather Day to create a few exclusive miniature masterpieces inspired by our shared favorite color. During an afternoon at her San Francisco studio, she told us about her obsession with the color blue, why she likes painting with unexpected tools and how she started creating color “recipes” she works from.

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Best Seat in the House: Our Denim in Furniture Form


Denim isn’t just something to live in—it’s something to live on—so we took our very favorite fabric and upholstered a super-limited-edition chair (and we mean limited—we only made five). Our head of visual design (the man behind our stores’ mellow vibe and graphic window installations) shares how he combined our denim with ABC Carpet and Home’s simple shape and his tips for staying inspired.

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Your Denim Horoscope: The AstroTwins on the Right Jeans for Your Zodiac Sign


When picking your next pair of jeans, let your zodiac personality be your guide. We asked identical twins and expert astrologers Tali and Ophira Edut, the AstroTwins, to match up the vibe of our favorite new denim styles with each zodiac sign. Of course, no two horoscopes are alike.

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Introducing Denim Every Day: 24 Completely New Ways to Do Indigo


Sometimes, you hear “denim” and think “jeans.” And while we love wearing them, for us, denim’s way more than just jeans. It’s a way of life. So every morning for the next 24 days right here, we’re reimagining our favorite fabric in totally new, unexpected ways and in places you definitely haven’t seen it before. Get all the details.

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