We’re hitting the road again with Blue Jeans Go Green™ collecting your old denim and transforming it into housing insulation for communities in need. Each pair you bring will get you $20 off a new one*—and even better, the first 10 people to recycle at the first event in each city will score free jeans. Since we’ll be traveling for a few months, we asked Team Madewell friends across the country to share their favorite local spots in some of our tour stops—and they were just too good not to pass on.

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Attention: ladies 5’3” and under—get ready because we now have jeans made just for you (!). To help celebrate the launch of our new petite jeans, we chatted with some members of Team Madewell about emoji feels, perfect pairs and what they’re going to do with all that money now that trips to the tailor are out of the picture.

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Fact: We’re denimheads. So our design team is always looking to make our jeans better than ever, and this newest pair of skinnies is no exception. Another fact? The 10″ high-risers in Danny wash are really, really soft. Made of special denim woven with Tencel® lyocell from the best-of-the-best Orta mill, their incredible level of comfiness is kinda hard to put into words. Until you can feel them for yourself, allow us to illustrate.

These jeans are as soft as…

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In Defense of the High-Rise Boyjean

In Defense of the High-Rise Boyjean
an essay by Meredith Chamberlain

I’m loyal to a high waist. The right pair has the power to make me stand up straight, hold myself more confidently. It’s something about the core, the gut, an intuition thing. As a woman, they work in my favor, serve as a reminder of my inner strength. I zip up, button, and my instincts kick in.

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Out of Office: Team Madewell Builds Homes With Recycled Jeans

In case you didn’t already know, everyone here at Madewell really loves jeans. What we love just as much is being able to use jeans to do well. We’re proud partners with Blue Jeans Go Green™—a program that gives new life to the pre-loved pairs you bring to our stores by turning them into housing insulation for communities in need. Recently, 33 members of our team took part in that transformation IRL at a house build with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles.

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How To: Style Denim for Spring & Summer

You don’t need us to tell you that denim is a 365 thing and maybe even a 24/7 thing because we have actually been known to fall asleep in it (though we probably don’t recommend it). But despite its perennial appeal, there are some things that can peg a pair of jeans to a specific season, and when it comes to summer, that’s where a lot of the fun lies. Contrasting panels, exaggerated silhouettes, exposed hardware…the pieces that have been catching our eyes incorporate a sense of whimsy and F-U-N because, well, summer. Allow us to explain how we’ve noticed these warm-weather blues being worn.

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Buttery croissants, a good pair of jeans and Saturdays with nothing to do but relax—these are a few of Brooklyn-based artist Joey Pasko’s favorite things. We recently had the chance to chat with Joey—but there was a catch. Rather than answering our questions with words, we asked him to sketch his responses. The (oh so adorable) results are below.

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