Tees Tête-à-Tête: 3 Duos Take Our “How Well Do You Know Each Other” Challenge


Some may argue that what you like in a tee says a lot about who you are. OK, we may argue this, but hear us out. It’s likely that you and your closest gal pal have different criteria when choosing a T-shirt while also sharing a like-mindedness on some points as well. It’s these nuances in taste that often extend beyond the sartorial and make two people so perfectly complementary. So we decided to explore this idea via three of our favorite duos—two pairs of sisters and one couple—and had them play a little game we call “Tees Tête-à-Tête.” They each answered the same questions and guessed how the other might respond. They discovered some stuff they didn’t even know about the other—and in turn revealed even more to us.

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We’ve all been there. A cool girl on the street. A pair of jeans that fits her just so. And then right as you’re about to eye the label, she disappears into the crowd. Here at Madewell HQ, we’re very familiar with this scenario—though thankfully, it happens most often in our offices and we can track each other down pretty easily. We decided to chat with our most denim-obsessed staffers about the jeans they’ve loved + lost and loved + well, won. They spilled; some serious denim love stories ensued.

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It’s difficult to wrap our heads around the fact that crisp, glorious, warm spring days will return. But the fact that they indisputably will is what keeps us going the mornings it feels too cold to breathe. The annual launch of our spring lookbook always seems like a harbinger of all things good and sunny, and it’s just arrived (+ you can pre-order your favorite styles right now). To celebrate, we asked our friend Dayna Evans, writer at New York Magazine’s The Cut, to indulge our obsession with her genius works of micro-fiction—she’s been parodying our lookbooks over at The Cut for a few seasons now and we eagerly wait to literally laugh out loud (we’re talking serious, OMG-so-good belly laugh) every season while reading them. She was kind enough to work her imaginative magic exclusively for us and…well…just read.

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Madewell Book Club: What 6 of Our Favorite Women Are Reading RN


Thanks to the internet, a new book recommendation list is just a few clicks away, but what about the things that aren’t new or notable at the moment? For some less-expected suggestions, we checked back in with the creative women we’ve gotten to know over the past few years (all of whom we’ve written about on this very blog). Here, seven recommendations as unique as they are. There’s a long novel, some short stories, a few new-ish titles and some that are quite old.

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Five Rules to Dress By This Fall


Hard to believe how fast summer has flown by once again, but fall is on its way. We’re craving sweaters, coats and jeans, because cooler temperatures mean layering. And layering means outfits with more textures, more colors and sometimes, a little more personality. These are five of the rules we get dressed by each fall and how we’re interpreting them right now.

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