5 Rules to Dress By This Spring


When it comes to warm weather, there’s an anything-goes attitude that’s arguably the hallmark of sun-drenched days—creating rules might then feel like a bit of a paradox. To that we’d say these “rules” are meant to help take a bit of guesswork out of the act of getting dressed, so you have more time to leave those first warm sunny days up to chance (inarguably the best ways to spend them).

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Madewell x Where I Was From: Meet the Duo Behind Our Latest Collab

Few things rival the feeling of slipping on a pair of jeans that fit perfectly…but if we had to come up with one, it’d be the feeling of stumbling upon an amazing vintage piece. One of our favorite sources for such pieces is Where I Was From, an expertly sourced vintage collection from Brooklyn-based friends and co-founders, Stacy Daily and Claire Lampert. We had a meeting to talk vintage denim with Stacy and Claire early last year, which led to the realization that we had to collaborate on an entire line—which is shoppable today. Here’s how it came together and how these two creative, vintage savants turned a moonlighting side-hustle into a dream full-time gig.

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Limited edition, small batch and made in LA, Rivet & Thread jeans are crafted with best-of-the-best denim, giant machines—and a bit of elbow grease. We went behind the scenes at our denim studio—where the same family has been making jeans since 1975—to see the magic happen. Spoiler alert: They really know what they’re doing.
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DIY Denim Distressing: Here’s how to do it


We love a good recipe. But our favorite kind is less stirring and sautéing, more ripping and repairing. Yep, we’re talking denim distressing recipes, aka how to get that loved and lived-in look you want (and play denim designer at the same time). Below, you’ll find three of our tried-and-true denim distressing formulas, for right-now details like raw hems and artful tears. You’ll need: scissors, a seam ripper, a Dremel rotary tool (not as scary as it sounds, Google it), elbow grease and confidence. You got this.

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We’ve all been there. A cool girl on the street. A pair of jeans that fits her just so. And then right as you’re about to eye the label, she disappears into the crowd. Here at Madewell HQ, we’re very familiar with this scenario—though thankfully, it happens most often in our offices and we can track each other down pretty easily. We decided to chat with our most denim-obsessed staffers about the jeans they’ve loved + lost and loved + well, won. They spilled; some serious denim love stories ensued.

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It’s difficult to wrap our heads around the fact that crisp, glorious, warm spring days will return. But the fact that they indisputably will is what keeps us going the mornings it feels too cold to breathe. The annual launch of our spring lookbook always seems like a harbinger of all things good and sunny, and it’s just arrived (+ you can pre-order your favorite styles right now). To celebrate, we asked our friend Dayna Evans, writer at New York Magazine’s The Cut, to indulge our obsession with her genius works of micro-fiction—she’s been parodying our lookbooks over at The Cut for a few seasons now and we eagerly wait to literally laugh out loud (we’re talking serious, OMG-so-good belly laugh) every season while reading them. She was kind enough to work her imaginative magic exclusively for us and…well…just read.

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