Pardon Their French: Our #MadewellxSezane Models Rebecca and Louise Interview Each Other



We recently reunited with cult-favorite label Sézane on a new capsule collection of quintessentially Parisian pieces (with New York twists). To bring it to life with a photo shoot in Central Park, we looked for a woman who truly embodies the best of both worlds. And we found deux: Meet Rebecca Dayan (left) and Louise Follain. They’re two French-born models-slash-creatives who know a thing or 10 about what it means to live in and love both cities. We got out of the way and let the two of them get to talking while we eavesdropped. (And no, not just for the accents.)

Style icons, housewarming gifts, childhood pursuits and guilty pleasures—Lou and Rebecca break down the differences between Paris and New York.

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Show + Tell: Sézane Designer Morgane Sézalory


Parisian Morgane Sézalory’s designs for her line, Sézane, reflect her personal style ethos. First, every piece must have a “this was made just for you” effect and second, a well-stocked wardrobe shouldn’t include a million versions of any one thing. Her determination to create “the perfect black dress, the bag for all seasons, things that are both practical and quality” has garnered her a cult following in France. Her now-iconic La Superbe sweatshirt sold out within days when it was first released (do a quick Google search and you’ll see it on style bloggers, French editors and the like). Partnering with her on a 14-piece capsule collection—including a reissue of that very sweatshirt—felt natural for us, and we quite honestly can’t wait for Madewell et Sézane to arrive on Tuesday, October 21st. We went to visit Morgane in her hometown to understand the feverish obsession her designs provoke and the woman behind them.

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Our Fall Catalog Shoot in Paris, By The Numbers


Just like the croissants we enjoyed in Paris, the city itself is lovely and layered from the outskirts all the way to the center—and it’s the little intricacies throughout that make it so delicious. In between shots for our fall catalog with our muse Malgosia Bela, we explored the city that has stolen our hearts, inspired some of our favorite pieces and taught us a thing or two about style.

Here, a look at the numbers that went into our three-day shoot, from the number of sunny days we saw to the number of missed flights. (We’d say it all worked out just fine.)

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We instantly fell for singer Constance Verluca. Why? For starters, she embodies two of our great loves: tomboy style and that je ne sais quoi of French-girl chic. And then there’s the fact that this Paris native borrows from the boys when it comes to both music (Buddy Holly) and fashion (Bob Dylan). It’s no surprise that during our My Madewell shoot she picked some classic pieces with a hint of rock ’n’ roll edge. Find out more about what she calls her “casual garçon” look (which translates to “low-key tomboy” in Madewell-ese), her music school for kids and her go-to concert look.


Where are you from and how has that influenced your style?

I’m from Paris, born and raised. Since I was about 15, my style has been mostly tomboy. I live in Vans, oversized sweatshirts and T-shirts, jeans, well-worn boots—nothing too tight or itchy. I really love beautiful, quality fabrics, especially cashmere.

How would you describe your style?

Casual garçon.

Who do you think is the most stylish musician?

There are so many. Strangely the two that come immediately to mind are so different: Bob Dylan and Michael Jackson. Bob Dylan because his style corresponds so directly with his music—simple, honest and timeless. And Michael Jackson for his sophistication and imagination. I love people who have a unique, even iconic, element to how they dress.

How do you dress for a concert?  

I always wear the same thing: vintage white jeans, lived-in boots and a white button-down shirt. I always leave the top of the shirt unbuttoned and prefer the sleeves to be short.

What is your music about and what influences you?

I love the early rockers like Buddy Holly and Elvis Presley. My music starts with a base of rock ’n’ roll with different styles, like electronic or something more audacious, mixed in. I want to do something more unique and singular.

Aside from music, do you have any other passions or hobbies?

Literature, cooking and children. I run a music school for kids in Paris called Le Club Pop, where we teach and create pop-rock music.

What is your most treasured piece of clothing?

My favorite item is this vintage blue T-shirt. It was my first skate shirt and I’ve been wearing it for ten years. I wear all of my clothes very well, until they are either threadbare or falling apart! I love things that last.

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