The Like-a-Local Guide to Oahu Life with Surfer Tara Michie


It’s one thing to know that there’s more to Oahu than the crystal clear waters and lush views you’ve double-tapped on Instagram. It’s another thing to actually find those hidden gems, like where to get the freshest poke or catch some late-night music. That’s why, after we wrapped a recent photo shoot, we asked Hawaiian native, surfer and creative director Tara Michie—whose work includes directing ad campaigns for swim and surf brands—to show us exactly how and where to do Oahu like a local.

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Hawaii? Ha-Why Not? Have a Dream Adventure (Totally On Us).


One thing we love as much as an effortless wardrobe? Effortless traveling and beautiful Hawaii, where we recently spent time photographing our new collection. It’s the perfect place for a beach adventure—in fact, we loved it so much, we planned the best five-night getaway ever (but, for real). And you could win it. Here’s how.

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