Reading this, you might be thinking this headline is a trick. Do you need guidance for vegging out and enjoying a leisurely Sunday in bed? Don’t you just, you know, stay in bed? Not so, we say. There’s a way to do it and not feel like a giant sloth. Because while we’ve all been there, we have likely been a bit conflicted about it. Apologetically, we’ll say something like, “Oh, I was so lazy today,” or “I did absolutely nothing today.” But what if we were to tell you that you could stay in bed all day long without a smidge of laziness? Yes, not a smidge.

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Bizarre House Plant Alert: The Staghorn Fern

by Alisa Gould-Simon (L.A.)

I love how my hanging staghorn fern looks like it’s reaching out to hug you.

If there’s one thing I love about L.A., it’s the fact that most apartments and houses boast substantial outdoor space. So for this former New Yorker, gardening has quickly become a favorite pastime, especially when it comes to herbs, jade plants and succulents. (If you can’t tell from that ultra-low-maintenance list, I appreciate anything green that doesn’t require daily dousing.) But thanks to a Craigslist posting that I came across a few months ago, I’ve discovered a strange and amazing plant that fits this exact profile.

Meet the staghorn fern, which gets its funny name from those antler-like limbs. This quirky plant requires a single weekly watering (just soak its roots in the bathtub or sink) and a fair dose of natural light. The best part? This guy doesn’t need soil to survive, so you can hang it any which where. (Current New Yorkers, take note!) I suggest surfing Craigslist, eBay or Fern Factory to procure your very own.