In Defense of Staying In on Weekends
an essay by Verena von Pfetten

There’s a certain kind of pressure to summer weekends. The sticky heat, oppressively good weather and long days made even longer by laissez-faire Friday hours and an influx of out-of-office receipts. It all combines to create a steady thrum of expectation: make the most of this. Go outside. Do something fun!

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In Defense of the High-Rise Boyjean

In Defense of the High-Rise Boyjean
an essay by Meredith Chamberlain

I’m loyal to a high waist. The right pair has the power to make me stand up straight, hold myself more confidently. It’s something about the core, the gut, an intuition thing. As a woman, they work in my favor, serve as a reminder of my inner strength. I zip up, button, and my instincts kick in.

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In Defense of Wearing Soft Clothes, 7 Days a Week

In Defense of Wearing Soft Clothes, 7 Days a Week
an essay by Olivia Villanti

While growing up in my vaguely hippie hometown of Rhinebeck, New York, the dressed-up shoe of choice was a Dansko clog. Heels were reserved for proms, and even then only the most girly of girly girls would wear them. This may be why, at all stages of my life, I’ve been drawn to “soft clothes.”

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In Defense of the Bold Winter Coat


Writer Irina Aleksander muses on its merits.

The winter coat is an inherently fraught piece of clothing. Not because it’s a particularly interesting sartorial invention (like a bikini) or the most versatile (like jeans), but because wearing one is not a choice, but a necessity critical to survival. And since dressing is about options, this makes it both a psychologically and logistically burdensome garment. If you have the memory of a parent zipping you into parkas that incapacitated your limbs on the playground, then you know what I mean.

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In Defense of Sneakers, All Day, Every Day


In Defense of Sneakers, All Day, Every Day
Artist and sneaker devotee Sophia Chang muses on their merits

As a New York native from the borough of Queens, I’ve always been a big fan of sneakers. When you’re running across the street to catch a light, you aren’t thinking to yourself, “Oh, I wish I were in heels.” You are more likely thinking, “Thank god I’m in sneakers.”

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In Defense of the Jumpsuit


In Defense of the Jumpsuit
an essay by Kayten Schmidt

To me, a jumpsuit is that rare garment that is at once utilitarian and luxurious. Uncomplicated, it is something you can remove in one grand gesture—unzip and your outfit falls to the floor. It’s sexy because it’s not sexy; it’s an outfit that you don’t have to overthink.

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In Defense of Understated Party Dressing


In Defense of Understated Party Dressing
an essay by Simone Kitchens

I don’t like getting dressed up. Holiday party, wedding, formal fill-in-the-blank…these all produce anxiety—not a social anxiety, but style anxiety (arguably worse). The most obvious and quickest path to “fancy” often involves sequin, velvet or shine—which is about as un-“me” as it gets. This has left me occasionally feeling underdressed at events, as I compare my outfit to whatever I think other people’s standards are and then am left to deal with the unease that comes with that.

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In Defense of the Investment Coat


In Defense of the Investment Coat
an essay by Trace Barnhill

You see it from across the street, hanging majestic in a window, a shadowy silhouette of buttery leather. Traffic blares and screeches as you dash across multiple lanes, unflinching and focused. You’re in the store and breathing that starchy air of newness and surprise. You see the coat at the other end of the room. You glide over. It’s perfect. It’s all the wonderful things you can think of: timeless, warm…sexy, even. You could wear it with everything. You could wear it right now, over your standard uniform of high-rise jeans and a silk blouse. You take a breath and turn over the price tag.

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