Ingenious Decor Tip from Song of Style

Not only does fashion blogger Aimee (of Song of Style) have great personal style—she also has a knack for interior decorating. See the advice she gave us below (and meet her at our grand opening at The Grove in LA today!).


“I’m a firm believer in over-accessorizing—which means I have a lot of jewelry. Since I was running out of space for it, I resorted to using almost anything I could find as a jewelry holder. My favorite of the bunch? Wine bottles as bracelet holders!” —Aimee Song, Song of Style

Interior inspiration from a Dutch houseboat

Take a glance at our Amsterdam shoot on and you’ll notice—in addition to supercool Dutch blogger Sabrina Meijer—the amazing interior decor of the houseboat, as shot by Todd Selby. So naturally, we asked our visual team for tips on how to recreate a fun Dutch feel in our own homes. Check out their insider advice below.

1. Notice the palm tree wallpaper? Highlighting a single wall with a unique print is the quickest way to add visual character to a room.

2. Winter’s the perfect time to look for dried plants and fruits—they make festive additions to banisters or windowsills.

3. Who says books should always sit upright? Piling them on top of each other adds great dimension (not to mention a nice literary air).

4. You don’t need expensive art to make a room feel elegant. Flea-market finds like black-and-white photographs and vintage masks can be clustered together to add a sophisticated touch.

D.I.Y. Vintage-Book Planter

Let’s talk about first apartments for a second. They’re terrible, right? Well, maybe not anymore. The First Apartment Book from interior designer Kyle Schuneman and writer Heather Summerville conquers the age-old conundrum: How can you have an awesomely decorated place when you have no space, barely any furniture and even less money to spend? Sounds impossible, we know—but this magical book has 256 pages that prove otherwise (think space-saving ideas, design tricks and cool how-to projects).

Here’s an exclusive excerpt from the book so you can make your own D.I.Y. vintage-book planter: 



1 leather-bound book

1 small succulent

Elmer’s glue



X-ACTO knife

1 quart-sized Ziploc bag




1. Glue the pages of your book together by squiggling glue along the sides and gently pressing it into the pages with your fingers. Make sure not to glue the pages to the cover. Let dry completely, about 20 minutes.

2. Determine how wide of a space to cut for your succulent; you want at least 2 inches around the circumference of the roots to promote growth. Measure and trace the area you need to cut on the top page of your book.

3. Using your X-ACTO knife, carefully cut into the box you just drew. You will only be able to cut about 30 pages at a time, so you’ll need to repeat this step until you’ve created a hole deep enough for your succulent.

4. Line the box you just cut with your plastic Ziploc bag, making sure the bottom and sides are covered.

5. Arrange your succulent on top of the Ziploc bag. Be sure to transfer enough soil from the original planter, along with the plant itself.

6. Using your scissors, trim the excess Ziploc bag around the edge of your succulent, leaving just enough of a plastic liner to keep water from running into the pages of the book when you water it.

6 Tips for a Brimfield Trip

Antique alert! Tomorrow is your last chance this year to hit up the world famous Brimfield Collectibles Show in Massachusetts. To help you prepare, we asked Jay, head of our visual team (and flea market treasure hunter extraordinaire), to give us his top six antiquing tips. See below before you go, then tweet some of your discoveries @madewell1937 so we can see what you got!


1. WHEN TO PLAN: “Most hotels are sold out weeks in advance, so try to book as soon as you know you’re going. Last-minute antiquers might want to invest in renting a roomy van!”

2. WHAT TO PACK: “The weather is always unpredictable at Brimfield, but the show goes on, rain or shine. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes, pack a pair of your favorite rainboots and don’t forget a cheap poncho (umbrellas can get in the way).”

3. WHEN TO ARRIVE: “Three words: Get there early. Some fields open as early as 6am, and parking fills up very, very quickly.”

4. WHAT TO EAT: “Mmm. We love all the greasy festival food at Brimfield—but I suggest queuing up around 11am to avoid the long lines.”

5. HOW TO PAY: “Bring cash. Many dealers don’t take checks, and the ATMs are often maxed out.”

6. HOW TO HAGGLE: “Most dealers expect to negotiate, so don’t be afraid to ask them to meet you in the middle. (It also helps to ask a question or two about the item’s history to assess its value.)”