Being that a good T-shirt is one of our favorite things, we are superexcited about our collab with MONOGRAM. Lisa Mayock and Jeff Halmos, lovers of vintage tees and makers of vintage-inspired new ones, joined forces with our design team to create a mini collection that ticks all the retro-meets-right-now boxes. We chatted with Lisa about design inspiration and the Bill Wyman song that best reps the label’s aesthetic, among other things.
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How to Write a “Recipe” for The Color Blue (and The Benefits of Painting in Jeans), According to Artist Heather Day


Denim Every Day—our quest to reimagine denim in every which way—continues. As part of that, we asked our friend and artist Heather Day to create a few exclusive miniature masterpieces inspired by our shared favorite color. During an afternoon at her San Francisco studio, she told us about her obsession with the color blue, why she likes painting with unexpected tools and how she started creating color “recipes” she works from.

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Best Seat in the House: Our Denim in Furniture Form


Denim isn’t just something to live in—it’s something to live on—so we took our very favorite fabric and upholstered a super-limited-edition chair (and we mean limited—we only made five). Our head of visual design (the man behind our stores’ mellow vibe and graphic window installations) shares how he combined our denim with ABC Carpet and Home’s simple shape and his tips for staying inspired.

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Show + Tell: Michelle Teague, Owner of JM Drygoods


For years, we’ve considered Austin boutique JM Drygoods and its stylish owner-curator Michelle Teague our under-the-radar source for embroidered tops, handwoven accessories and traditional housewares that unfailingly solicit a “where’d you get that?”. (Our designer Joyce claims it’s a must-visit for anyone passing through the area.) Michelle stocks her shop with finds sourced from her travels—if you catch her in the store, you can learn about a piece’s entire history. But if you can’t make it down to Austin? Well, that’s where we come in. We did a little sourcing of our own, and we’re bringing a few of our favorite JM Drygoods pieces to you. Here, Michelle explains how she turned her love for travel into opening a miniature-Mexico-under-one-roof boutique—Texas incense, vintage jackets and crowded market stalls included.

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Madewell + Peanuts: A Match Made in Nostalgiaville


A loyal, mischief-making cartoon dog may not be the most obvious style icon, but after one of our designers happened upon a vintage Peanuts® sweatshirt, we realized we had more in common with the iconic pup than we thought. So we did what any nostalgia-loving team would do: We put him on one of our T-shirts and a sweatshirt. Why, exactly? Allow us to explain…

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The Vintage Denim Roundtable: A Convo with Expert Collectors, B Sides


There’s a funny thing going on right now: everyone—us included—is obsessed with reworked vintage denim. And while there’s no denying that loved-and-lived-in jeans are imbued with a sense of mysterious cool, we wondered: What makes for a great vintage pair? We hooked up with B Sides’s Stacy and Claire, friends and denim obsessives who rework rare vintage jeans in their Brooklyn studio and turn them into one-of-a-kind works of art. We paid them a visit to chat about how two Midwestern gals (Claire’s from Minnesota and Stacy’s from Michigan) found each other in New York City and how they do the whole “making vintage even better” thing.

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