Getting ready to go on a getaway? The last thing you want is to feel stressed about stuff like arriving at the airport on time, who’s going to dog sit for you or maybe (definitely) what to pack. We’re always looking for new ways to make vacay planning more streamlined, so we turned to our styling expert Lisa for some tips. Her advice? Pick a color and run with it—for the whole trip.

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Reading this, you might be thinking this headline is a trick. Do you need guidance for vegging out and enjoying a leisurely Sunday in bed? Don’t you just, you know, stay in bed? Not so, we say. There’s a way to do it and not feel like a giant sloth. Because while we’ve all been there, we have likely been a bit conflicted about it. Apologetically, we’ll say something like, “Oh, I was so lazy today,” or “I did absolutely nothing today.” But what if we were to tell you that you could stay in bed all day long without a smidge of laziness? Yes, not a smidge.

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Meet Your New Girl Crush: Artist Conie Vallese

We spent an afternoon with our denim-living muse, Argentina-born Conie Vallese. The now Brooklyn-based artist is known for her trademark black and white paintings and white sculptures. She has one of those enviable careers that spans industries—her work is recognized in both the fashion and art worlds—and once you spend time with her, you begin to understand exactly why this is such a symbiotic mix.

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The Road (Way) Less Traveled: a Conversation with the Collective Quarterly


Consider it the B side to the American dream—instead of the white picket fence and the well-manicured lawn, there are those whose fantasy involves sweeping expanses of wild terrain, no neighbors in sight and a general willingness to do things the hard way.

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Madewell Book Club: What 6 of Our Favorite Women Are Reading RN


Thanks to the internet, a new book recommendation list is just a few clicks away, but what about the things that aren’t new or notable at the moment? For some less-expected suggestions, we checked back in with the creative women we’ve gotten to know over the past few years (all of whom we’ve written about on this very blog). Here, seven recommendations as unique as they are. There’s a long novel, some short stories, a few new-ish titles and some that are quite old.

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