It’s around this time every year that an out-of-town excursion feels very, very necessary—even if it’s just an afternoon escape. When we listened to the playlist that accessories designer Jessie Randall created for us, we couldn’t imagine a more perfect soundtrack for a spring getaway: Dire Straits, Heart, Belle & Sebastian, some new songs, some nostalgic ones—all good for turning up the volume and singing along. Get in the mood for a day-trip with a listen.


1. “Same Mistakes,” The Echo Friendly

2. “Romeo and Juliet,” Dire Straits

3. “I Love It (feat. Charli XCX),” Icona Pop

4. “In for the Kill,” La Roux

5. “Dress Up in You,” Belle & Sebastian

6. “Sometimes Always,” The Jesus and Mary Chain

7. “Joey,” Concrete Blonde

8. “Hang With Me,” Robyn

9. “Magic Man,” Heart

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We recently discovered that Jessie Randall, founder of accessories line Loeffler Randall®, a Label We Love, has a thing for Coach Taylor. And spicy chicken kabobs. And, of course, shoes (admittedly, we already knew that part…just not to what extent). Her personal style is refreshingly unstudied—California cool with a downtown New York edge—and a lot like the shoes she designs. In a nutshell, she’s not girlish or gritty, just somewhere in that wonderful, multihued place in between.

We tagged along with her for a day, visiting two places she spends quite a bit of time: her Soho studio office (Coach Taylor’s mug is hanging on the fridge) and nearby restaurant Jack’s Wife Freda (Randall always orders the spicy kabobs).


This Brooklyn resident’s dressing MO is based around three infinitely easy pieces: a comfy tee, a great pair of jeans and an eye-catching shoe. She also invests in statement jackets and bags—an urban dressing philosophy that has a great track record (though she really does put her own unique spin on the whole thing with that gorgeous blonde hair and a bold red lip). And speaking of a red lip, a swipe of lipstick happens to be her go-to finishing touch right now. “It brightens these dreary end-of-winter days,” she says. Another way she’s coping with the cold? Topping off a denim jacket with a leather bomber (clearly, she speaks our sartorial language).


Randall’s studio is piled high with shoes, of course, and all the inspiration you might expect to find at a creative HQ: mood boards, samples and well-dressed staffers, to name a few. Randall is a self-professed shoe obsessive and told us, “I can never get shoes out of my head.” Adding handbags and wallets to her line in 2012 seemed inevitable, given her appreciation for detail. “I love the way accessories are the punctuation mark on any outfit.”


While working on this recent collection, Randall looked toward the island of Capri, a spot that has a special place in her heart—it’s where she honeymooned with her husband and they just revisited for their 10-year wedding anniversary. “The perforations on the Sawyer Sandals, for example, were inspired by nets used by fishermen on the island.” Now, if only we could spend another day with Randall, test-driving this shoe at its source.

Take a peek at how that picturesque trip translated into equally dreamy laceless oxfords, a handy zip wallet and more by checking out our favorites right over here.


We’ve been completely addicted to Loeffler Randall’s sleek, inventive shoes and bags since, oh, around 2005, when Jessie Randall launched the line with her husband/business partner Brian Murphy. We touched base with the Brooklyn-based creative director (and—overachiever alert—mother of three) to get the scoop on all things Loeffler Randall® (including the romantic origins of the brand’s name).


Where did the Loeffler in Loeffler Randall come from?

Loeffler is my middle name (a family name) and Randall is my last name. When we were thinking about names for our company, my husband cut up the program he had designed for our wedding and laid the “Loeffler Randall” from my name in the footbed of one of our shoes and it just looked right.

What five words would you use to describe Loeffler Randall?

Understated, chic, modern, self-confident and timeless.

What is your favorite item in your fall collection?

I love our new minaudière. I love to dress it down with jeans, but it can go out at night too.

Is there a piece from your first collection that you still find yourself wearing?

I still wear my trusty Matilde boots. They are a standby for me because they are comfortable and give any outfit the right mix of polish and laid-back attitude.

Do you have a style motto for yourself? For your company?

My style motto is to be authentic to my own personal sense of style and to always be comfortable while at the same time looking chic. That personal motto goes for our company too.

What’s one material you’d love to work with? And what’s one that you would never, ever use?

I’d love to design leather jackets some day, so maybe leather for apparel. I’d also love to work with neoprene. In terms of raw materials, I have a “never say never” approach. Right now I feel like I would never use pearlized leathers, but again, but you just never know…

What in your neighborhood inspires you?

My house. I love being at home in my pretty, quiet neighborhood of Park Slope in Brooklyn. It’s my retreat where I can be with family and work on personal creative projects like crafts for my kids or the little gifts I make for family and friends.

What music has been playing in your studio recently?

Some really bad music. We seriously need a new Pandora station going on in here.

If Loeffler Randall were a fruit, what kind would it be? 

Maybe an apple: crisp, classic and a little bit sweet.