The Best Recipe For When You’re Hosting 2 or 10, According to Food52


Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs, founders of Food52, run their site with a simple to goal: to help their community “eat thoughtfully and live joyfully.” Since 2008, the duo has been inspiring us to get in the kitchen and cook through stunning photography and dishes that appeal to bona fide foodies and novices alike. They have a knack for demystifying the world of entertaining and hosting, while of course presenting recipes—they’ve amassed over 60,000 of them—that even we (five-ingredient aficionadas) can recreate. Who better to propose a dish that can function as your “ace in the hole” all season long? Read on for a recipe—from their brand-new book A New Way to Dinner—that can function as a main, a side or a snack.

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