How to Make a Creative Partnership Work (+ The Benefits of Having a Sartorial Twin), According to Lucius


For Lucius, a five-piece Brooklyn-based group that spent last year playing 200 or so shows to support its acclaimed 2013 release Wildewoman, decamping to Los Angeles to write the follow-up album has been a nice repose. Band founders Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig have been taking advantage of their big backyard and spending time in their pajamas, a far cry from the identical looks they opt for onstage. This duo dresses alike to visually complement the sound of their perfectly harmonized voices. “Getting ready is a serious commitment for us,” Jess said. We met up at their recording studio and then swung by their rented bungalow in Montecito Heights, all the while chatting about their new record, the patience needed to be in a band and why they dress alike onstage.

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Kelela Accidentally Wrote a Breakup Album (+ Downloads Vocal Warmups on the Road)


This year will be big for Kelela. The DC-born singer-songwriter went from international studies major to Björk-approved R & B star (with a stint as a telemarketer in between) after the release of her 2013 electro-tinged Cut 4 Me mixtape. 2015 will bring both her first EP (this month’s Hallucinogen) and a full-length album later in the fall. Then she’ll be touring, which will include appearances at some of Europe’s biggest festivals. In between mixing her new record and prepping for shows, the academic LA-based singer caught up with us in Los Angeles’ Echo Park neighborhood. Here, she explains her writing process and likens her musical creations to “frozen tears in sound form.”

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Sharon Van Etten Wears Her Heart on Her Sleeve (+ Follows Two Important Rules on the Road)


If listening to Sharon Van Etten’s slow-burning ballads feels like reading her diary, well, it’s because you sort of are. Since her first album, in 2008, the singer-songwriter has been spinning her heartaches into musical poetry—but don’t mistake her for a moody and melancholy songstress; the self-described goofball loves cracking jokes with her bandmates and trolling Instagram for cute animal photos as much as she does writing songs. In between trips to New Zealand and Mexico City, she sat down with us in her downtown New York neighborhood. Here, how she stays happy and stylish while traveling, in her own words.

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4 Sweet Words: Denim, Music, Summer, Sweeps


It’s about this time every year that music starts sounding sweeter. Maybe it’s all the outdoor concerts and festivals in full swing, the playlists you blast on your weekend road trips or just the fact that it’s summer and, well, there’s a joie de vivre that comes with that. We’ve teamed up with Spotify to give you the gift of music all month long. What exactly does that mean? We’re glad you asked.

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