Hey Mama: Celebrating Our Mothers in Pics and Stories

It’s frequently mentioned that every day should be Mother’s Day, not just one Sunday in May (psst, it’s on the 14th this year, in case you need the reminder). Of course, mamas, papas—family, in general—should be appreciated daily and an errant bouquet of flowers on a regular old Monday never hurts. But we will say that the predictability of an annual homage to motherhood is quite lovely, regardless. So we turned to our team, some are moms themselves, and asked them to share pics and stories with us. Warning: The cuteness factor could be considered unbearable.

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Cute overload: Meet our moms

As you probably know, this Sunday is Mother’s Day (if that’s a news flash, though, you’ve still got two more days to shop!). To commemorate the holiday, we’re taking a trip down memory lane. Catch a glimpse of the Madewell team as young’uns with their (ever-so-stylish) mamas.

Excellent accessories designer Joyce with her mother, Agnes, in Lake Tahoe, CA. (Gotta love the double stripes.)

Marketing maven Kate and mama Missy (in a Mickey Mouse bathing suit!) on the beach in Coronado, CA.

Art director Alice gives her mom, Ariane, a squeeze during a hike in the south of France.

Production pro Suzi celebrates her 2nd birthday in Sao Paolo, Brazil, with mom Wen Chen.

Resident tastemaker Gigi and mama Margo in the front yard of their Massachusetts home. (Fun fact: They had a centuries-old oak tree that looked like the Giving Tree.)

Happy birthday indeed to visual guru Melissa (her mom, Becky, got her a totally covetable Daisy Duck movie-star kit).

Operations ace Marcy goofs off poolside with her mama, Sandy, in New Hampshire.