5 Rules to Dress By This Spring


When it comes to warm weather, there’s an anything-goes attitude that’s arguably the hallmark of sun-drenched days—creating rules might then feel like a bit of a paradox. To that we’d say these “rules” are meant to help take a bit of guesswork out of the act of getting dressed, so you have more time to leave those first warm sunny days up to chance (inarguably the best ways to spend them).

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Madewell x Where I Was From: Meet the Duo Behind Our Latest Collab

Few things rival the feeling of slipping on a pair of jeans that fit perfectly…but if we had to come up with one, it’d be the feeling of stumbling upon an amazing vintage piece. One of our favorite sources for such pieces is Where I Was From, an expertly sourced vintage collection from Brooklyn-based friends and co-founders, Stacy Daily and Claire Lampert. We had a meeting to talk vintage denim with Stacy and Claire early last year, which led to the realization that we had to collaborate on an entire line—which is shoppable today. Here’s how it came together and how these two creative, vintage savants turned a moonlighting side-hustle into a dream full-time gig.

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Madewell x Where I Was From: Visiting The Place That Inspired Our Recent Collab


An organic farm outside Albuquerque. Pink hues reminiscent of Mexican architect Barragán. A 40-year-old pair of white jeans. These are just a few of the things Stacy Daily and Claire Lampert, the Brooklyn-based team behind the cool and cult-followed vintage line Where I Was From, referenced when dreaming up designs for our latest collab, a throwback-inspired collection of denim, tees, jackets and scarves. We journeyed to New Mexico, the place where you could say—in a way—this collection is from, to see the inspiration firsthand.

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Whether you’re saying “so long, 2016” with a laundry list of resolutions or just entering the new year repeating twenty-seventeen every time you write the date, one thing’s for sure: The new year comes with a shift, no matter how big or small. We don’t really buy into the whole “new year, new you” thing, but we do love the idea of “new year, evolving you” (sadly, it doesn’t have quite the same ring to it). And if there’s anything we love evolving, it’s our style. So much so that we found a few friends here at the office and asked them to share what they’re resolving to try—sartorially—in the new year. They shared, they showed, and here’s the thing, they look just like themselves but…refreshed. Exactly how you want to enter a new year: with a few game-changing styles to make up a capsule wardrobe of sorts, things you can turn to in the months ahead and think yesss.

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