We’re all about passionate women who are making it happen. Like Linda Bui—cosmetic-supply-chain guru slash ceramist slash master of plants—who is doing just that. We spent a day with her (and her pup, Quincy) in Williamsburg as she tried on some of our favorite summer dresses and talked creative inspiration, true-crime podcasts and otherworldly flowers, among other things.

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Ground Level: Three Shoe Styling Tricks


When it comes to personal style, we’re of the belief that there’s no such thing as a bad choice—but there are small tweaks that somehow just look and feel right. With a whole new crop of fall footwear to play with, we asked our stylists to create a few pairings that flatter and give every outfit that extra je ne sais quoi.

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Slip. Zip. Turn. Nod. Smile. Prepare for Compliments.


We love it when something great gets even better (cronuts, taxi-hailing apps, comfortable heels…), so it’s only natural that we’re constantly improving everything about our denim, the most important part of our wardrobes. This month, we’re welcoming a whole crop of new washes (a rich deep indigo, a faded black and a raw navy, to name a few). New details are also being introduced, like zipper front pockets and our coolest coated finish to date. And lastly, we’re debuting a whole new fit: the Alley Straight, our updated take on a straight leg—aka the fit that’s been missing from your closet.

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Do Well: Prinkshop™ for Edible Schoolyard & Madewell

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 4.07.59 PM

Prinkshop, a recent addition to our Labels We Love family, makes philanthropy look especially good. Consider our exclusive tee—with its French slogan, supersoft fabric and easy shape, it’s a total winner even before you discover that 30 percent of the profits benefit Edible Schoolyard (an awesome organization that teaches kids how to grow and cook nutritious food). Grounded with attention-grabbing graphics, prinkshop designs are tees with a message—without that whole “got it for free at a fun run” vibe. (You know what we’re talking about, right?)

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Noticed: The Bare-Nails Look


Oh, the joy of slipping into sandals. Summer’s favorite shoe is imbued with ease, as if to say, “The weather is beautiful, wish you were here. I’m busy—busy enjoying life.” And with such a laissez-faire attitude, a nude nail seems to make complete sense. There’s something just so relaxed about it. It’s elegant, uncomplicated and carries none of those nail polish annoyances, i.e., chipping and the always-longer-than-expected drying time.

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Noticed: The New Maxidress


One of the great joys of warmer weather is that you can almost always wear whatever you’d like. (The most Mother Nature might ask of you is to carry an umbrella.) And in that less-is-less-and-that’s-actually-more spirit is the unstructured maxidress: embellishment-free, a bit retro and graceful in its own feels-like-bed-linens kind of way.

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Noticed: Bandanas as Necklaces


Bandanas, with their hypnotically swirling paisley prints, have experienced many revivals and have been embraced everywhere from the Wild West to modern-day Brooklyn. More musicians, artists and outlaws than we can count credit them as an accessory of choice. And recently, we’ve been spotting them around the office twisted into an unlikely shape: a necklace.

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