Limited edition, small batch and made in LA, Rivet & Thread jeans are crafted with best-of-the-best denim, giant machines—and a bit of elbow grease. We went behind the scenes at our denim studio—where the same family has been making jeans since 1975—to see the magic happen. Spoiler alert: They really know what they’re doing.
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The Man Repeller In Rivet & Thread Denim

We admit it: We really love seeing our designs in action, so to speak. So you can imagine how excited we were when one of our favorite bloggers, The Man Repeller (aka Leandra Medine), shared her approach to wearing our Rivet & Thread Selvedge Boyjean—or as she calls them, “inarguably the world’s best pair of jeans.”

3B4A7498 Summery and classic


Sporty and boyish


Details, details

Leandra adds our Keaton Oxfords for a tomboy touch.

Read the full post right over here on her blog.

How We’re Wearing Our Made-in-the-USA Jeans: Rivet & Thread

When our denim designers wanted to make our great jeans even better, they trawled our vintage archives for denim details from our early days as a workwear brand. The result? Rivet & Thread, our small-batch collection of selvedge denim that we sew and hand-finish in LA. We spent (what we hope is) one of the last chilly Saturdays of the season with three of our in-house denim lovers at their favorite local spots and asked each to mix our Rivet & Thread Selvedge Boyjean into her signature weekend outfit.


Kick things up a notch with a great jacket

The outfit, in her own words: “Earthy, simple and genuine”

Style crush: Patti Smith

Saturday Spot: Dashwood Books. “It’s my go-to for inspiration during the workday. They have the most amazing selection of photography books, and it’s intimate—a rarity in busy New York.”


Keep your cuffs crisp

The outfit, in her own words: “Androgynous and effortless”

Style crush: Pina Bausch, the late German choreographer

Saturday spot: John Derian. “It’s an escape from the city. During the holidays it feels like a bustling Christmas market, and during the summer it reminds me of a small Parisian antique shop, complete with flowers for sale. And, yes, there are great linen couches.”


Add something classic (like a fedora or oxford shoe)

The outfit, in her own words: “Comfortable and easy”

Style crush: the French singer Françoise Hardy

Saturday spot: The Smile. “If you arrive early enough on weekends, you almost have the place to yourself. They serve some of the best granola in the city, and available until dinner for those who wake up on the later side.”