Happy 1st Birthday, Madewell San Francisco!

by Emily Hsieh (S.F.)

I left with a homemade brooch, a fresh pair of white jeans, the color-block Skimmers I’d been eyeing forever and a nifty denim polka-dot tote.

Last night we celebrated Madewell’s first anniversary in San Francisco with local cupcakes and cookies from Bi-Rite (which is also the purveyor of some seriously obsession-worthy ice cream), California microbrews and D.I.Y. crafting with Bay Area blogger Erica Chan Coffman of style site Honestly WTF

The coolest part? A crafts table stocked with glue guns, tulle, charms, buttons and jewels that allowed us to tap into our inner fashion designer. Erica gave D.I.Y. tutorials on bedazzling everything from shorts to jackets to denim shirts. Between my shopping high and sugar rush, it was a great time indeed.

A breakfast breakthrough in S.F.

by Emily Hsieh (S.F.)

A new bakery called Craftsman & Wolves opened in San Francisco’s Mission district a couple weeks ago and with it came a radical, spectacularly delicious new treat called The Rebel Within. It’s a savory sausage-, scallion- and cheese-infused muffin with a perfectly gooey soft boiled egg nestled inside (sort of like the American breakfast version of a soup dumpling). It’s one of the tastiest culinary innovations I’ve experienced in a long while, and I’m clearly not the only one who thinks so.

The patisserie opens at 7am during the week and at 8am on weekends. Tip: It pays to go early, as they make only one batch of TRWs daily (and they sell out fast!).

Coolest. Car. Ever.

by Emily Hsieh (S.F.)

As if old VW Bugs weren’t already the most endearingly cute cars out there, someone had to go and trick theirs out with row upon row of Vegas-style flashing lights. Spotted while I was walking through the Mission in San Francisco, this little guy is, without question, the coolest, most imaginative, smile-inducing, awesomely absurd set of wheels I’ve ever seen in my life.

Weekend Haunt: The San Fran Flower Mart

by Emily Hsieh (S.F.)

Dahlias, now in season, are everywhere at the S.F. Flower Mart.

I kicked off a recent Saturday morning at San Francisco’s Wholesale Flower Mart, one of my all-time favorite places to go for inspiration. There’s an endless, ever-changing supply of beautiful things to look at, which means infinite possibilities when it comes to assembling bouquets. I’m especially psyched about my vegetable-themed haul this week (see below). The primary plant is purple cabbage, which is actually an old standby of mine—not only is it lush and cool-looking, it lasts a really long time, is inexpensive and doesn’t need much else to be striking. I paired it with two other flowers I stumbled upon and chose for their resemblance to broccoli and asparagus (and whose names I can’t recall). I ended up with enough to fill two vases—and all for less than $20.

Ah, I always feel deeply satisfied after playing florist.

My veggie-inspired bouquet.