Noticed: Scarves Draped Over Coats


Fall usually likes to make a gracefully slow entrance, and in addition to leaves turning and fewer iced coffees, we’ve noticed cold-weather accessories popping up in unexpected ways. Consider the scarf draped over the outside of a coat and left loose. It’s not quite neck warming, but still relatively practical—and we’re digging it.

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How to Style a Scarf

We’re not ones to keep things to ourselves, so we’ve just gotta say it: We’re obsessed with scarves this season. And the way we’re wearing them is anything but grandmotherly. We’re sporting them like headbands, knotting them ’round like necklaces, wrapping them like bracelets on our wrists — you name it and we’re doing it (and really liking how much it makes cutoffs and a button-down seem like something new). Still not convinced of the genius of a summer scarf? Take a peek at this lovely lady and get inspired.