Our final sneaker artist is a special one—our head designer, Joyce. She put a sparkly spin on the classic Sk8-Hi Vans®, adding metallic silver laces and gold leather star patches. We decorated each one by hand here at Madewell HQ (really, we did), so handle ’em with a little extra care. Learn more about the sneaks in our Q&A with Joyce, then get your own pair before we’re all out—only 50 exist (!).

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Friends Claire Lampert and Stacy Daily of B Sides are true artists when it comes to reworking vintage denim, and it turns out they’re just as good at transforming high-tops too. Only 20 pairs of these hand-paint-splattered Vans with vintage-bandana laces were made exclusively for us—so find out more about the sneaks then nab a pair, quick (!).

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We’re really into Austin chain-stitch collective Ft. Lonesome’s original embroidery designs—so much so that we’ve done a few collabs in the past and most recently had them do their thing on these limited-edition Sk8-Hi Vans®. Read on to learn more about the sneaks from the crew’s founder Kathie Sever, then nab a pair of your own (only 30 exist, so get on it).

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How to Care for Canvas Sneaks: A Few Expert Tips

Timeless as they may be, a pair of canvas sneakers presents a bit of a paradox: They’re forever in style but they sure are hard to wear for, well, ever. Canvas shows age and with the frequency we wear ours that can happen way sooner than we’d like. We chatted with our friend, Chris Cottle at Vans, who could be considered a bit of an expert seeing as he’s surrounded by canvas shoes all day long. He did a little sleuthing and shared a few personal care tips. Tip numero uno? You’re gonna want to bookmark this post.

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The Road (Way) Less Traveled: a Conversation with the Collective Quarterly


Consider it the B side to the American dream—instead of the white picket fence and the well-manicured lawn, there are those whose fantasy involves sweeping expanses of wild terrain, no neighbors in sight and a general willingness to do things the hard way.

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5 Tips for Taking The Perfect Shoe Shot (For a Chance to Win a $2,000 Shopping Spree)


Snapping a “perfectly laid-back, styled but not too” shoe shot does take a little bit of work, but it’s never been more worth it. Post yours for a chance to win a $2,000 Madewell shopping spree plus everything you need for a perfect day of strolling: two pairs of Madewell boots (your choice), Grado headphones, one year of Spotify Premium, a Mizu water bottle and snacks from Baked.* Now, to make sure you nail those photos, we gathered up five tried-and-true tips. Let’s get snapping.

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Ground Level: Three Boot Styling Tricks

We follow very few rules when getting dressed. In fact, we’d say it’s more fun to do away with guidelines altogether. Right now, we’re all about mixing something a little laid-back with something more polished. (And since the point is not to match, it could be called an anti-rule.) We asked our stylists for advice on finding that sweet spot with our newest fall boots.


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Ground Level: Three Shoe Styling Tricks


When it comes to personal style, we’re of the belief that there’s no such thing as a bad choice—but there are small tweaks that somehow just look and feel right. With a whole new crop of fall footwear to play with, we asked our stylists to create a few pairings that flatter and give every outfit that extra je ne sais quoi.

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Noticed: The Unlaced Oxford Shoe


Often, the simplest and most subtle tweaks bring us the most sartorial joy—things that are really easy but also really outfit-making. And the latest discovery to fit that bill? Oxfords minus the laces. It’s that last part that makes them so right: Removing something that’s purely functional results in a subtle but still stylish statement.

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