Meet our New Keaton Oxford and 4 Other Stylish Keatons

We firmly believe that just because a shoe looks dressed up, it needn’t only come out of the closet on dressy occasions. That’s why we’re pairing our Keaton Oxford—a gentlemanly wing tip finished in polished leather—with everything from rolled-up jeans to a pleated dress to a full-on suit. In honor of our favorite lace-up, we took a look at other well-heeled Keatons we know and love.


Diane Keaton

Also most famously known as Annie Hall—her character in the Woody Allen film of the same name, for which she nabbed an Oscar—she’s one of the original iconic tomboys, rocking men’s trousers, vests and hats long before “borrowed from the boys” was a thing.

Buster Keaton

The 1920s silent film star, along with Charlie Chaplin and Harold Lloyd, redefined physical comedy, imbuing it with emotion as well as crazy daredevilry. Just check out any of his classics on YouTube, and you’ll see a signature style—baggy suits and porkpie hats—that looks like something Diane herself would wear. It’s no coincidence that the two share a surname: Diane’s decision to take her mother’s maiden name was meant to pay homage to the silent comedian.

Alex P. Keaton

The now-legendarily conservative teen played by Michael J. Fox on the 1980s sitcom Family Ties—with his sweater-vest, button-down shirt and repp tie ensemble—was an adorable study in how to wear your identity on your proverbial sleeve.

Michael Keaton

Because snappy style seems to play well with comedy, our list wouldn’t be complete without a shout-out to Michael Keaton for his acclaimed turn in Beetlejuice, as the ghoulish ghost who managed to look natty in a striped suit even from beyond the grave.

Noticed: The Unzipped Ankle Boot


We’re all about finding new ways to wear our favorite pieces, and this one has quite literally unzipped before our eyes: ankle boots in a state of undone. We’ve spotted the look everywhere—corners in downtown New York, our Instagram feeds, roaming the halls of our office. While we can’t pinpoint its origin for sure—perhaps cool girls in a rush or approximating the ease of slip-ons—we gave it a whirl with our trusty Billie Boots and sort of fell in love. (Try it out with Billie Boots of your own—they come in blue suede and smooth black and brown leather.)