Weekly Roundup: What To Read This Weekend


The days are about to get longer and the weather is getting warmer, but we’ll never tire of cozying up with a few good reads. Here’s a little bit of what we loved around the Internet this week.

Music: The perfect soundtrack for lighter, longer days: Jessie Randall’s road trip–friendly playlist, via Madewell.

Travel: The best place to celebrate the switch to daylight saving time might be this roofless tree house in South Africa (imagine the sunsets…), via My Modern Met.

Food: See how some of the tastiest dishes from the Michelin-starred (and now shuttered) Spanish restaurant elBulli started out: as blueprints and sketches on napkins, via The Paris Review.

Coziness: Digital to analogue—the designs on these hand-sewn quilts were created by computers, via The Creators Project.

Books: Any guesses as to what is the most popular book in your state? Here’s a list for all 50, via Parade.

Word: insouciant (adj; French): casually worry-free; nonchalant, marked by a blithe lack of concern. It comes from the French word soucier, meaning “to trouble.” Pronounce it “in-soo-see-ant.”

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