Weekly Roundup: What To Read This Weekend


A weekly link pack that encourages you to step away from your device and get busy, whether by writing, cooking, laughing or traveling.

Compensation: Here’s a precise look at how much Jane Austen was paid for her writing (hint: not much—we would have given her a raise), via The Billfold.

Food: Ever wonder what is the appropriate music to play while making a fresh spring salad? This blog pairs a mother’s recipes with a son’s great taste in tunes, via 5am Feast.

Hobbies: LIFE Magazine called the skateboard “the most exhilarating and dangerous joyriding device this side of the hot rod,” and has the vintage photos from New York circa 1965 to prove it, via Time.

Curiosities: Watching babies eat lemons doesn’t have much to do with denim, but it sure is entertaining (and after all, who hasn’t made that face?), via Dooby Brain.

Film: The graphic and prop designer of The Grand Budapest Hotel talks about how she created the tiny details of a fake country, from currency and postage stamps to menus and mug shots, via Creative Review.

Word: natsukashii (adj.; Japanese): describing a small, ordinary thing that suddenly brings a fond memory flooding back to you; cherished and yearned after with appreciation, not with sadness.

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