Happy Birthday, Blog


Three years ago, when we wrote our very first blog post, things were different. As in, “only 24 stores, no Instagram (if you can believe…), no Skinny Skinny” different. But now, we’re three years older, much wiser and, if we dare say, a little better dressed. And while a big party isn’t really our style, a little nostalgia certainly is. Here, six of our all-time favorite posts from the past year.

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Do Well: Give Your Old Jeans a Second Life


In our world, fall cleaning is just as much a thing as spring cleaning. It’s always right about now that we start unearthing pieces that haven’t seen the light of day in way too long, and clearing them out to make room for new fall clothes. This year, we decided to turn our annual ritual into an opportunity to help those in need. All those jeans that have been in a permanent state of hibernation? Starting tomorrow, August 12th, bring them into any Madewell store: We’re teaming up with Blue Jeans Go Green™ to turn denim into housing insulation for those in need.

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Fill In The Blanks With Brooklyn Florist Lisa Przystup


The most enviably stylish women are inevitably those who have the most going on—whose sartorial style is only a fraction of what makes them so cool—which is precisely why we’re taken with Brooklynite Lisa Przystup, a florist/writer/sometimes waitress. We stopped by her home to chat about the merits of a personal uniform and the benefits of feeling underdressed.

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Slip. Zip. Turn. Nod. Smile. Prepare for Compliments.


We love it when something great gets even better (cronuts, taxi-hailing apps, comfortable heels…), so it’s only natural that we’re constantly improving everything about our denim, the most important part of our wardrobes. This month, we’re welcoming a whole crop of new washes (a rich deep indigo, a faded black and a raw navy, to name a few). New details are also being introduced, like zipper front pockets and our coolest coated finish to date. And lastly, we’re debuting a whole new fit: the Alley Straight, our updated take on a straight leg—aka the fit that’s been missing from your closet.

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