Musician Adeline Michèle on Leaving Paris, Ditching Her Plan B and The Merits of Versatile Style


In the spirit of #everydaymadewell, we’re exploring how a few girls you need to know spend their days.

Parisian musician Adeline Michèle doesn’t really do the weekend off-duty thing. She’s admittedly at her best when she’s busy, and if she’s not playing bass for The Meredith Vieira Show or recording her upcoming album with Escort, the 17-piece disco band she fronts, she’s seeking out little bits of Paris in New York. We stopped by her Brooklyn apartment—home to her music room and Diana Ross–inspired wardrobe—as she was gearing up for a local show. She took a break to tell us how she found herself, and her style, in New York.

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Travel Writer Christina Pérez Explains “Vagabonding” and the Upside of Putting Yourself Out There


In the spirit of #everydaymadewell, we’re exploring how a few girls you need to know spend their days.

Every day feels like a vacation for travel writer Christina Pérez, which may sound like the opening line of a screenplay until you discover that, well, it’s pretty much the truth. Born in Wisconsin, she developed a fascination for exploring the rest of the world and turned it into a career. Writing for Refinery29, Condé Nast Traveler and her just-launched travel site Inside Elsewhere (a project she works on with her husband) leads her to unexpected spots and contributes to her perpetual wanderlust. That, coupled with her sense of style honed during stints at Glamour and Lucky magazines, makes her a pretty perfect person to travel (and share a suitcase) with. We spent an afternoon with her in one of her favorite spots—upstate New York—while she explained more about her typically atypical days.

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Florist Lisa Przystup Gets Real About New York (Hard), Her Style (’70s Vibes) and Working with Flowers (A Hustle)


In the spirit of #everydaymadewell, we’re exploring how a few girls you need to know spend their days.

You could say that Lisa’s day-to-day life is a study in opposites. She’s a desert lover living in Brooklyn. She’s a book-obsessed homebody who rarely spends a full day at home. She’s a tomboy who makes beautiful flower arrangements for clients like Rachel Comey and Stone Fox Bride, and also writes about style for Garance Doré and The WILD Magazine. How does she stay balanced? By finding beauty in the hustle of her job and, when life permits, heading out of town. We caught up with our old friend—last summer she played a game of Fill in the Blank with us—and asked her to describe a perfect day off.

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Want to Win The Best Year Ever? (Of Course You Do.)


By now, you’ve probably seen our #everydaymadewell hashtag on Instagram. You may even have shared a few of your own (hint, hint). But have you heard that every day during the month of September we’re hand picking our favorite snaps and selecting a daily winner? Not only will they get a bag filled with our favorite things, they’ll also automatically be entered to win our grand prize, what we’re calling “The Best Year Ever.” Get the full scoop here.

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The Three Key Ingredients To Our Jeans (Plus, a Few Little-Known Tidbits)


It’s the plight of women everywhere, a universal and inevitable challenge: finding great jeans. It’s made all the more tricky when you look at what a great jean really is: a time-tested classic that’s worn every which way. Jeans are so established in our wardrobes that it’s no wonder the perfect pair can be so elusive. But we think it boils down to three things. Our head of denim design, Mary, explains.

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Denim Plus…with Artist Malu Byrne


We always ask our friends, “What do you pair with your denim?” For metal and glass artist Malu Byrne, born and raised in New York, it’s denim plus memories: ticket stubs, silver dust, ripped knees—all signs of well-loved denim that remind her of where she’s been. The history of that equation, as told by Malu…

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Tales from a Madewell Stylist: Finding Your Denim Soul Mate


In this brand-new series, we’re handing the storytelling reigns over to our stylists. The teams in our shops get up close and personal with the realities of jeans-seeking day in and day out and know firsthand that, whether you love it or hate it, finding the perfect jean is arguably a sport. We held an open call of sorts, asking our stylists to send us their most memorable experiences to date. We were so overwhelmed with the responses, it was impossible to pick a “best”—so we didn’t. You’ll be reading more personal stories in the months to come, but this one from Jess in our St. Louis store felt like a nice way to kick things off. She shares one of her little victories: helping a woman fall in love with a skinny jean (a style she’d sworn off for life). But we’ll let her tell you about it.

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