In Defense of Understated Party Dressing


In Defense of Understated Party Dressing
an essay by Simone Kitchens

I don’t like getting dressed up. Holiday party, wedding, formal fill-in-the-blank…these all produce anxiety—not a social anxiety, but style anxiety (arguably worse). The most obvious and quickest path to “fancy” often involves sequin, velvet or shine—which is about as un-“me” as it gets. This has left me occasionally feeling underdressed at events, as I compare my outfit to whatever I think other people’s standards are and then am left to deal with the unease that comes with that.

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While a cozy sweater or a monogrammed bag are both excellent gift options, this year we’re also giving add-ons that can’t be wrapped, i.e., a day trip out of town, a handwritten note or even a heartfelt hug. The crème de la crème? We’re also giving away a trip for two to Paris, with a stay at our favorite boutique hotel, Mama Shelter.

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Hometown Heroes: #MadewellBK Edition


The most exciting part of opening a new store is, invariably, meeting the people in our new neighborhood. We always seek out local creatives, from chefs to artists to makers (aka the people who are really influencing the culture) to get fully acquainted with our new digs. Case in point: our new store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where seven inspiring women—from an urban farmer to a perfumer—made our opening night extra special.

Meet our hometown heroes.

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