Fill In The Blanks with Actress and Writer Courtney Falsey


California-born actress and screenwriter Courtney Falsey may play a twenty-something searching for Hollywood fame in Ladyparts—a web series on one of our favorite daily reads, HelloGiggles—but, like most actresses, her real life has drifted in a different direction from her alter ego’s. She’s now a New Yorker—and a denim-loving one at that. We sat down to see how her style has shifted following the West-to-East-Coast move. Surprise número uno? She’s not wearing more black.

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Our Fall Catalog Shoot in Paris, By The Numbers


Just like the croissants we enjoyed in Paris, the city itself is lovely and layered from the outskirts all the way to the center—and it’s the little intricacies throughout that make it so delicious. In between shots for our fall catalog with our muse Malgosia Bela, we explored the city that has stolen our hearts, inspired some of our favorite pieces and taught us a thing or two about style.

Here, a look at the numbers that went into our three-day shoot, from the number of sunny days we saw to the number of missed flights. (We’d say it all worked out just fine.)

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Fill In The Blanks with Malgosia Bela


Our fall muse, Malgosia Bela, while insouciantly sexy, possesses a personal style ethos not unlike our own. She’s happiest in a loose-fitting button-down and a great pair of jeans—and has recently developed a thing for overalls. Aside from her style, she’s just as likely to sing along to Fleetwood Mac with our crew as she is to stay in and clean the house. We played a little fill in the blanks to learn about her style of relaxing, her favorite music and where she goes to decompress.

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Fall 2014: Forward


What is it about fall that makes us feel so conflicted? It’s nostalgic, it’s exciting, it’s rife with newness—it’s also a touch anxiety-inducing. Our designers have created a sartorial language for this mix of emotions—just flip through the pages of our catalog (hitting our stores and your mailbox this week) to see. Can’t wait? Here are a few highlights…

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Fernanda’s 5-Ingredient Zucchini Noodles with Homemade Pesto


The first fall weekends are all about the subtle slow-down—remembering to grab that extra layer, our favorite shows returning to their rightful Thursday night spots, evenings starting a little earlier—and the way we cook is no exception. We asked our friend Fernanda de la Puente, a Peruvian, New-York based holistic nutritionist, for a summer-to-fall recipe you can make in five minutes or less, with just five ingredients.

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Weekly Roundup: What To Read This Weekend


Photography by Angi Welsch

Sure, the Internet is a vast place, with rabbit holes and hidden corners—it’s formally called the World Wide Web, after all—but we love the hunt and unearthing those secret gems worth passing on. So consider us modern-day Indiana Joneses. Just in way cooler jeans.

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