Our exclusive collaboration with French brand Sézane lands tomorrow, 10/21, and to learn exactly how it came together, we arranged a little tête-à-tête with both our head designer Somsack Sikhounmuong and Sézane designer Morgane Sézalory to ask them a few questions. Turns out the trick to a great collaboration isn’t just a shared fashion sense.

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Noticed: On Somsack’s Radar

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Design inspiration comes from myriad places: art, books, globetrotting market trips and even food. From a favorite (and, until now, semi-secret) Vietnamese sandwich spot in New York’s East Village to the bold way women have been cuffing straight-leg jeans, here’s what our head of design Somsack has been noticing.

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Show + Tell: Sézane Designer Morgane Sézalory


Parisian Morgane Sézalory’s designs for her line, Sézane, reflect her personal style ethos. First, every piece must have a “this was made just for you” effect and second, a well-stocked wardrobe shouldn’t include a million versions of any one thing. Her determination to create “the perfect black dress, the bag for all seasons, things that are both practical and quality” has garnered her a cult following in France. Her now-iconic La Superbe sweatshirt sold out within days when it was first released (do a quick Google search and you’ll see it on style bloggers, French editors and the like). Partnering with her on a 14-piece capsule collection—including a reissue of that very sweatshirt—felt natural for us, and we quite honestly can’t wait for Madewell et Sézane to arrive on Tuesday, October 21st. We went to visit Morgane in her hometown to understand the feverish obsession her designs provoke and the woman behind them.

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Ground Level: Three Boot Styling Tricks

We follow very few rules when getting dressed. In fact, we’d say it’s more fun to do away with guidelines altogether. Right now, we’re all about mixing something a little laid-back with something more polished. (And since the point is not to match, it could be called an anti-rule.) We asked our stylists for advice on finding that sweet spot with our newest fall boots.


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Noticed: The Half-Tucked Button-Down Shirt


The half-tucked button-down has become something of a standard style trick at our office, but we’ve been noticing it on everyone from arty gallery-goers to our girlfriends at dinner. As of late, what’s moved the needle on this tweak is the fact that shirts seem to have the half-tuck already designed into them.

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Weekly Roundup: What to Read This Weekend


We spent all week dreaming up Big Fall Plans—apple picking, bread baking (actually doing it this time, seriously, the ingredients are purchased!), hanging a gallery wall—just to realize that sometimes what you really want is comfy sweats, the snooze button and a great read or two. Feel the same?

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Show + Tell: Writer and App Creator Felicity Sargent


It’s fitting that we developed an e-crush on writer Felicity Sargent before ever meeting her as the Vermont-born New Yorker basically lives in front of her many screens, penning a column for and building her creative dictionary app, Definer. But there’s no way to capture her charm, easygoing elegance and eclectic style with an emoji, so we met up with Felicity IRL, as they say, to chat about her childhood on a farm, her country-meets-city style and the power of words.
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How To Care For Your Sweaters: 10 Tips


Photography by Angi Welsch

One day, our clothing will launder, fold and care for itself. Until then, we’re stuck with the job of wearer and carer. This sweater season, we are learning the art of skipping the dry cleaner and de-pilling, de-shrinking and hand washing at home, with 10 tips from the experts at New York-based garment-care boutique Madame Paulette.

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