Sharon Van Etten Wears Her Heart on Her Sleeve (+ Follows Two Important Rules on the Road)


If listening to Sharon Van Etten’s slow-burning ballads feels like reading her diary, well, it’s because you sort of are. Since her first album, in 2008, the singer-songwriter has been spinning her heartaches into musical poetry—but don’t mistake her for a moody and melancholy songstress; the self-described goofball loves cracking jokes with her bandmates and trolling Instagram for cute animal photos as much as she does writing songs. In between trips to New Zealand and Mexico City, she sat down with us in her downtown New York neighborhood. Here, how she stays happy and stylish while traveling, in her own words.

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4 Sweet Words: Denim, Music, Summer, Sweeps


It’s about this time every year that music starts sounding sweeter. Maybe it’s all the outdoor concerts and festivals in full swing, the playlists you blast on your weekend road trips or just the fact that it’s summer and, well, there’s a joie de vivre that comes with that. We’ve teamed up with Spotify to give you the gift of music all month long. What exactly does that mean? We’re glad you asked.

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